How to be the perfect guest at a Destination Wedding?

Leandra de Labastida

Leandra de Labastida

Destination Weddings are the perfect excuse to go on vacation and have a fantastic time. As a destination bride myself, I can tell you some of my stress could have been non-existent if my guests would have followed the following tips. 

1 Make sure to read the invitation thoroughly and visit the wedding website for further clarification. Most questions will be answered in the FAQ section. 

2 RSVP Promptly whether the answer is Yes or No. Do not keep the couple guessing about your intentions.

3 With destination weddings you need to follow the timelines and payments set by the Traveling Agent selected by the couple. Do the math and know that It is okay to say no to a wedding invitation.

4 No surprise guest. A plus one is not guaranteed unless you are married or engaged. 

5 Wedding crashers aren’t cool in real life only in the movies.

6 Gifts are not required when you are attending a destination wedding. Your mere presence is a gift in itself for the bride and groom. However, if you are declining the invitation, it is polite to send a gift.

7 Always follow the gift registry. Do not buy a gift that isn’t listed unless it is a million dollars. 

What are some of your tips for destination weddings?

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