Making friends online: A Bumble BFF success story

Leandra de Labastida

Leandra de Labastida

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I am an extrovert who needs friends to interact socially in order to recharge my batteries and as I got older it became harder and harder to make quality friends. It is no coincidence that I am an Event Planner, I excel with social interactions. 

I found my husband via online dating and it got me thinking about using online tools to make new friends in Atlanta. I began doing some research and found that an online dating app called Bumble has a section called Bumble BFF dedicated to the purpose of building a community and creating friendships. 

It feels exactly the same as when you first start online dating. I asked myself the following questions, Why am I here? What if I meet a serial killer? What if I don’t like anyone, what if no one likes me? After I put the fear aside I began playing, Swiping right if I was interested or left if I wasn’t.  Bumble matched me with people that swiped right on my profile and those matches would appear on the Match Queue section of the app. 

After I got matched with a potential friend, I had 24 hours to send a message and vice versa. If no action is taken within those 24 hours the match goes away. This feature I find extremely useful becomes it forces you to interact and not to wait in the sidelines. 

I have been using Bumble BFF for about a month and ½. I’ve communicated with about 5 matches and met up with 1 match. Adri’s profile was super interesting and we were a perfect match. She actually reminded me a lot of my best friend who is also named Adri and I took that as a really good sign. 

We met up for lunch at my favorite Israelian restaurant called Cafe Sababa, we talked non stop about our travels, our relationships, our time in Atlanta, etc and I fell for her instantly. I decided to invite her to my Christmas party and she came. She met all my closest friends including my best friend Adri and she loved her. I took that as another really good sign. 

It has been great getting to know Adri and I am grateful to Bumble BFF for putting her in my way. I will continue to use the app and see if I get lucky a second time.

Stay tuned for further info on my search for quality friends in this online world.

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Leandra de Labastida

I am a seasoned Event Planner who loves to read while enjoying a cold brew.

One of my passions is to educate others on how to handle social interactions via etiquette.

From Medellin, Colombia and currently living in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband Gabriel and our precious dog Castiel.

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